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Winter immobilier supports you step by step in your real estate project

Do you own one or more real estate that you want to rent out in and around Nice? Rental investment can be a real source of stress. This is why it is important to be well supported so that your project takes place in the best possible conditions. For more peace of mind, we invite you to discover our rental management service in Nice, which frees you from any constraints.

Our rental management service in Nice allows you to rent your property while avoiding all the administrative and human constraints linked to this activity. We take care of your rental property (s) and oversee all administration operations. As a landlord, all you need to do is give us the keys to your home and let us take care of finding tenants, drafting leases, administrative management, technical problems, etc. We allow you to optimize your rental investment in Nice while enjoying more free time.

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Why entrusting Winter real estate for the rental of your property

With more than 60 years of experience, a team of experts and many partners (lawyer, accountant, tax specialist, contractor and trainer) our real estate agency in Nice offers a wide range of tailor-made services with full support at no additional cost. Among these, we invite you to discover rental management which is also part of our core business. Our team therefore takes care of all the procedures related to rent of your property, whether it is long term furnished, empty or student accommodation.

Our team of experts is also able to deal with tricky situations like dealing with unpaid rent and up to eventual eviction of bad tenants. Our lawyer specialized in real estate law will assist throughout these conflicting processes. Winter real estate before, during and after the rental of your property.

Different steps of property management

1. The tenant search and its settling in

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Rent valuation

As soon as the owner walks through the door of Our agency , our very first action is to collect all the information related to the property and then, make an appointment to estimate the renatal value of the property to be rented. This is the most important preparatory step of the property rental process. The objective is to establish the best profitability and stability ratio for the tenant. The higher the rent, the less the tenant will actually tend to stay in the accommodation for a long time. On the other hand, the lower the rent, the worse the profitability. It is therefore a question of finding the right balance in order to best fix the amount of the rent. We rely for this on a precise study of competition in the sector on the same type of rental property.

Once the rental price has been fixed, we proceed to the signing of the mandate with the owner. Its mission is to set all the conditions for the management of the property.

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Publication of the offer

As soon as the mandate is signed we can move on to the publication of advertisement and therefore to the search for tenants. We therefore prepare the property by starting by highlighting it (professional photos, virtual tours, creation of a presentation file) then we distribute it widely on many national sites (Seloger / Logic-immo / Bien'ici / Leboncoin / Facebook market / Superimmo / and more than a dozen other sites). We also hang signs, prepare flyers if necessary and put it in the agency's window (15 linear meters).

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Tenant selection

For each application received, we check the candidate's file to determine his solvency (salaries, guarantors, etc.) in order to allow you to rent with complete peace of mind. If the selected candidate is accepted with our guarantee of unpaid rents (which verifies the authenticity of each file with more than 18 control points per document received), we organize a visit appointment on site which has been pre-validated with the consultation of the virtual tour. You therefore do not have to contact the tenants or to move to show your property, we take care of everything.

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Lease signature

The signing of the lease is then our last action before the move in of your new tenant. This contract is checked and updated constantly by our lawyer in order to be in line with the latest legal texts. We also take care of preparing meticulously the inventory of places of entry electronically with supporting photos for more details.

2. Follow-up of the tenant once in the premises

Our rental management service doesn't end at the signature of the rental agreement.

  • The du settlement of the rent
  • Revision of rents based on the Reference Rent Index (IRL)
  • The regularization and payment of quarterly charges
  • Verification of condominium expenses calls
  • Management and follow-up of claims (water damage for example)
  • Follow up of works
  • Management of problems in housing or requests from tenants
  • Tax filing assistance
  • Settlement of the household waste tax
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A unpaid rent incident comes up

No problem; our experts will synchronize their actions with lawyers so as to meet all legal steps

If you opt for the safe way, the unpaid rent insurance (GLI) will reimburse 100% of unpaid rental installments after the 1st missed monthly term. It will also cover the legal expenses and eventual deterioration of your property up to 10000 Euros.

Once again, you don't have to care about anything. Your property is perfectly managed by our team. We shall respond to any request of your tenant, whatsoever.

3. Departure of the tenant

When the tenant decides to leave the accommodation and sends us his notice of departure, we don't wait until he leaves the apartment to resume the search for a tenant. Besides, several actions must be taken between notice and departure.

  • Management of the departure notice
  • Carrying out the initial inventory;
  • Processing of the security deposit and provisions for charges with the closing of accounts
  • Coverage of unpaid rents if applicable
  • The management of restoration work in the event of deterioration. Our partners will provide competitive repair price quotes.
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