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Sell through Winter real estate

Why selling your property through Winter real estate

Nice makes you dream? Do you want to buy an apartment or a house in the heart of the "French Riviera"? What if you sold your property in Nice under the best conditions?

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A successful sale in several stages

Whatever the nature of your property, we do our best to sell it as quickly as possible and under the best conditions. To do this, we are implementing various strategies that have proven their worth over more than 60 years. All in accordance with your objectives and your expectations.

We shall assist you through the whole process: valuation of your property, publication of advertisements, organization of visits, signing of the pre-sales agreement, signing of deed and even after. Our agent will care about your project as if it was its own, so you can sell or buy in total peace of mind.

Different steps of property management

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1. Property valuation

As an owner, it is often difficult to determine the fair value of your property. If the price is overpriced your property will remain unsold. A fair valuation of the price is decisive for the success of the sale.

To attract serious buyers and sell at best conditions, it is essential to sell at right market price. Thanks to their field knowledge, our agents are constantly updated about prices in each district of Nice and its outskirts. Through our detailed valuation report, we'll assist you in setting up a fair selling price that meets the expectations of the buyer as well as yours.

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2. Signature of sales mandate

Once the sale price is fixed, we proceed to the signing of the contract between our agency and the owner. The purpose of this mandate is to specify all the conditions for the sale .

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3. Preparation of the property for marketing

With all the legal conditions now fixed, we are starting our development work. We proceed to preparing the presentation of your property to our potential buyers. A complete file has been created, ready for visiting customers. All the administrative documents required for signing a preliminary sales contract are then collected and ready to be annexed to the future contract.

To facilitate the sale of your property in Nice, it is important to promote it and publish ads on suitable portals.

Our enhancement technique

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3D custom plan

We publish your ad on the biggest!

We also publish your ad in several languages:

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4. Buyer search

Once the sale price is fixed, we proceed to the signing of the contract between our agency and the owner. The purpose of this mandate is to set all the conditions for the sale through this bilateral contract. The duties and obligations of each party (agency and seller) are legally fixed and you thus entrust your property to us with confidence.

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5. Preliminary sales contract signature

Your home just found a buyer? We then take care of the signing of the preliminary sales agreement. This document is essential to finalize your project, it fixes the agreement between the seller and the buyer on the price of the property but also on the various general and specific conditions as well as on the deadline by which the final deed of sale must be signed. After signing the compromise, the buyer has a legal period of 10 days (period extended by the SRU law of 2015) to retract. If he does not retract, the next step will be to sign the final deed of sale before a notary. In general, a period of 3 months separates the signing of these two contracts, a period necessary to allow the buyer to finalize his mortgage application procedures, in particular or for the registration of the notary's deed with the various departments. land.

Thanks to the annual training provided to our real estate agents, we are able to have all legal documents signed. We thus guarantee our customers the efficiency and speed of execution of these procedures in order to realize their projects as quickly as possible.

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6. Signature of the final deed and assistance to your installation

That's it ! You have just signed the deed allowing you to officially become the owner of your property. Our agents will continue to support you even after the signing of the authentic deed

  • Move
  • Change of contract (electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.)
  • Tax domiciliation
  • Contact with the building administrator

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Nice - Libération

NICE MALAUSSENA/ LIBERATION - 2 rooms in high floor with terrace facing west, bright! At the foot of the Tram and Avenue Malausséna, Gare du Sud!


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