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Find all areas of Nice

Well known for its tourist attraction, the emblematic city of the Côte d´Azur is also one of the most attractive in France in terms of real estate investment. The 5th largest city in the country enjoys a particularly attractive location near the Italian border and Monaco, at the foot of the Alps and on the Mediterranean coast. Its real estate market remains among the most dynamic in France, with strong rental demand and prices less than half of those in Paris. The prestigious Nice Sophia Antipolis hub attracts students and researchers, while the economic dynamism of the metropolis exerts its influence throughout the South-East. The quality of life offered by Nice and its hinterland finally attracts retirees from all over the country, who come to find rental apartments, second homes or villas for sale in the hills.

Nice - Fleurs Gambetta

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Fleurs / Gambetta - Boulevard_Gambetta

Nice - Carré d'or

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Carré d'or - Place_Massena_et_galleries_Lafayettes

Nice - Baumettes

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Baumettes - Picture-4040868-1

Nice - Magnan

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Nice - Magnan - IMG_9109-HDR

Nice - Musiciens

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Musiciens - Immeuble_bourgeois_Gambetta_Nice_

Vieux Nice

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Vieux Nice - Ruelle_Vieux_Nice

Nice - Libération

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Libération - NICE_NORD_LIBE-13

Nice - Carabacel / Hotel des Postes

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Carabacel / Hotel des Postes - Hotel_des_postes_

Nice - Cimiez

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Cimiez - Majestic_CIMIEZ

Nice - Port

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Le Port - Vue_port_depuis_chateau

Nice - Fabron

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Nice - Fabron - Picture-2402172-1

Nice - Bas Fabron

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Mont-Boron / Cap de Nice

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Mont-Boron / Cap de Nice - Vue_Mont_Boron

Nice - Vinaigrier

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Nice Nord

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Nice - Californie / Ferber / Carras

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Nice - Estienne d’Orves / Parc Imperial / Pessicart

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Nice - Madeleine / Bornala

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Nice - Saint Roch

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Nice - Pasteur

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Nice - Riquier

DiscoverWinter Immobilier - Nice - Riquier - riquier_nice

Nice - Vernier

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Nice - Saint Pierre de Feric

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Focus on the neighborhoods where to buy in Nice

The area of Nice is a promising sector for a rental investment as for a main residence. The attractiveness of its relaxed lifestyle and its environment between sea and mountains make Nice a city popular with both tenants and buyers. Winter Immobilier makes you discover the best areas of Nice to live or to invest: each has its advantages depending on whether you are looking for the charm of the old, the calm of a residential area, a privileged view of the sea, or even a fashion of life all on foot. Discover the atmosphere and attractions of each sector, its location in the city, its accessibility and the average price of real estate: take advantage of the expertise of Winter Immobilier advisers in the Nice market to refine your project and target your neighborhoods preferred, with a view to living there year round or making a profitable rental investment.

The hypercentre

Close to amenities, tourist sites and the sea, the hypercentre of Nice is highly sought after, especially by buyers looking for a second home. The downtown area is also a safe bet for seasonal or annual rental investment, which can be focused on small areas such as studios, T1bis and T2.

The old Town

Picturesque and colorful district, Old Nice is a tourist and lively area, which appeals to students, young couples and lovers of lifestyle all on foot. Prices are high there due to the architectural quality of the buildings and the proximity to places of interest and must-see historical monuments in the city.

The Port

The Port district is in full development: it is the subject of several urban rehabilitation and redevelopment projects. Attractive for its proximity to the old town, it is also appreciated for its friendly and lively neighborhood atmosphere. More and more connected, the sector is promising for rental investment.

The Promenade des Anglais

Famous the world over, the Promenade des Anglais is the very emblem of Nice. On the seafront, it houses prestigious buildings and luxury brands. It represents a separate market in Nice real estate, with very high prices, rare goods and very high-end services.

The hills

A quiet and green area, prized for its quality of life. The very residential area attracts families and retired people for its peaceful atmosphere. Located on the heights of the city, the Collines district is the subject of very interesting new developments for investors.